Upload files

How to send your information to us

PDF files can be uploaded securely to your CCH iFirm Portal (corporate clients) or our website through ShareFile (see links below for each staff or the links in any of the emails you receive from us). 

How to Create a PDF

If you have an iPhone we recommend the “Scannable” app by Evernote, as it enables you to scan several pages as one document to send in pdf.

If you have an Android phone we have heard great reviews about Adobe Scan.

1. CCH iFirm Portal (Corporate clients only)

CCH iFirm Client Portal

---> Click Here to Access our Client Portal <---

2. ShareFile Flash Upload Tool (For those without a portal)

We use ShareFile, a US-based Citrix company, to transfer files.  ShareFile maintains very high standards to ensure your data's security. By uploading your files to us using this tool, you are consenting to the use of ShareFile. 

If you do not have the latest flash player you will either need to update your flash player or see the alternative non-flash upload option below to send files

NOTE: For personal tax returns, put "none" under Company.

I'd like to send files to:
(Please click on the name of the staff member to whom you wish to send the files.)

3. Email

You can email any staff member by sending it to firstname@kenbell.ca.

4. Fax
Our fax number is 905-453-1530.