Tax Forms

In order for us to prepare tax forms for you, there is some information that we will need. Below are the checklists and forms to help you get that information. Please complete all forms relevant to you and submit them to us with all of your T1 information, slips, etc.

NOTE: The forms below are in PDF format. If you would like any of the forms in Excel please contact us and we can send them to you.


T1 Checklist - for everyone

T1 Capital Gains Worksheet - if you sold any capital property during the year (ie: stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real property etc.)

T1 Home Office - for home office use

T1 Vehicle Expenses - business use of personal vehicle

T1 Rental Revenue & Expenses - for real estate rental properties owned

T1 Business Revenue & Expenses - for personal businesses

T1 Foreign Property Memo - review this memo to help you determine if you own foreign property 

Please contact us if you have any questions.


T4/T5 Checklist

T4 Employee Summary